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Welcome to Capistrano Valley Christian Schools! Thank you for choosing to support CVCS through your shopping. To get started: Click "Sign up to support" - Enter a screen name, your email, a password, and your zip to create an account or log in - Type in the text in the security window - Make sure "Capistrano Valley Christian Schools" is selected - Click "Continue Registration" and follow the prompts. - Thank you! - At CVCS, the intentional development of culture is one of the most important things we do. But building culture is not a formulaic exercise; it is a natural outpouring of the shared values of an institution. What makes our school an experience unlike any other is that our faculty, staff, parents and students have a widely shared set of values that create culture naturally as an outpouring of who we are. This common set of characteristics permeates every part of our operations, and the result is an environment that is radically and positively different.



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Capistrano Valley Christian School
32032 Del Obispo St
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-3434