Crean Lutheran High School


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Thank you for supporting Crean Lutheran High School. By downloading this fantastic free App and submitting your transactions when shopping and dining with local merchants or using the link below before placing your online orders, the funds earned from these donations will go a long way in helping our enrichment programs. Please check the App the next time you decide to dine out at restaurants like; Zov’s, Chili’s, Sharky’s, Super Mex, Togo’s, Subway, or over 1000 other local & online merchants giving back through the CfC App. Restaurants and new merchants are added daily to the App.



Prefer to make your purchases online while supporting our cause? We have you covered! Shop with any of the participating online merchants by first clicking on the online marketplace and our cause will earn back 1-25%.

Crean Lutheran High School
12500 Sand Canyon Avenue
Irvine, CA 92620