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Grow Your Business by Offering GiveBack Events

Posted by Stacey Haslett | No Comments November 10th, 2016

Grow Your Business by Offering GiveBack Events

The CFC Online GiveBack Scheduler is Live – Cause Partners Have Started Booking Events

Restaurant and Merchant Partners – Expose your GiveBack Events to hundreds of nonprofits in your area with the CFC Online GiveBack Scheduler.  The new site automates the scheduling and execution of your GiveBack Event Fundraisers.

Simply start by setting up the terms and availability of Simply set up the terms and availability of your GiveBack fundraisers on the GIVEBACK tab within our Merchant Portal. Hundreds of nonprofits in your area will be able to view your availability and schedule an event online.  Fall is prime time for scheduling GiveBack events so please go to your GiveBack page now and set up your offer.  For those Merchants who have already confirmed their GiveBack Event  participation with us you are all set.



When a nonprofit clicks on “Book” for the desired date of your event the application will alert you of their interest. Status of the event will then be shown as “Pending” on the calendar. Once you approve the event, a confirmation of the event will be emailed to the nonprofit and status will be updated as “Approved”.

The nonprofit will promote the event as they normally would and then use the CFC mobile app to handle the rest.  No more need for families to bring flyers to the restaurant. Supporters use the app to register their purchases the day of the event and CFC accounts for the rest and handles billing and payments on your behalf.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Stacey Haslett at or 888.542.3831.

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