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Need more in-kind donations for events and tired of “begging”? Join DonationMatch to find multiple charitable companies in one place and request their items for fundraising auctions, raffles, and giveaways in clicks. Your first five matches are free!


AdotME, The Accomplishment Tracker App

Many Community For Causes Supporters (Merchants and Volunteers) benefit from the tracking ease provided by the AdotME app. EVERYDAY BECOMES, AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! Track volunteers, volunteer hours, etc. Turn everyday, school tasks/homework, household chores, and other desired volunteer behaviors into a game. Your volunteers takes a photo immediately upon completion—you “vouch” their volunteer activity based on the auto/smart tags, then you can reinforce the “vouched” accomplishments however you want!

Additionally, the AdotME App incorporates an exclusive “vouching” feature that allows you to verify any and every volunteer accomplishment! Now your volunteers can easily capture comments, and verified approval from teachers, coaches, and other leaders. You and your volunteers gain a major competitive advantage as they begin building their resume, memory book, college app info based on their volunteer commitments.