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Turn everyday purchases into donations for your favorite Cause.

How it Works

Become a frequent SUPPORTER of your favorite causes

Enhancing the impact of your everyday purchases

Every dollar you spend gives back to your favorite non-profits without the hassle of buying unneeded items or carrying around flyers or gift-cards. In addition, there is no limit to how much you can raise! Your donations add up in no time, allowing you to make a lifelong impact in your favorite causes.

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It’s Easy!

4 Easy Steps.

Sign up

Download the FREE App on your IOS or Android device

Find Participating Merchants

Use the app to find participating merchants in your area

Shop and Dine!

Shop and Dine as you normally would and snap a picture of your receipt at check-out. Communities for Cause will track all registered purchases and direct all donations you made through your purchases to your cause, or causes, of choice.

Track Your Impact

Watch your total donations add-up throughout the year from within the app