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We realize that it is not always easy for supporters to figure out how to give back to their favorite causes and help their community. At Communities for Cause we empower consumers to easily integrate giving-back into their daily routine, and within their daily budget using our free interactive app. With the app, everyday purchases make an immediate difference in the world around you…anywhere, anytime. That’s POWERFUL!

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Free smartphone app

Easy-to-use, no-fuss donating

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Life-long impact on your favorite non-profits

“The Communities for Cause App has been a fun, easy way to make money for my kids’ middle school and high school band. I don’t have to wait for a specific fundraiser or promotion to donate – I can use the Communities for Cause app anytime. If I want to go out for dinner and do not know where to go, I find a new place to go by looking on the app. When I go out to run errands, the app is right by my side allowing me to give back to my kids schools with every purchase. Because I have two schools to support, I love that it’s easy to switch between schools within the app so I can decide at anytime, anywhere which one I want to support. This is the easiest way to earn money for the causes that mean the most to me – I cannot remember my life before Communities for Cause!”

Melinda Lynch, Parent/Community Member, Fulton Middle School and Fountain Valley High School Royal Regiment

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